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14 - Compassion

I see your pain, tell me how do you feel

Don’t be shy, Come in, get into my field

Awake or dreaming


I see your empty eyes, they wanna turn away

Hold me to the beat of your heart today

I’ll show you the way (This is the way)                                                                                                                    

Into the ocean

Of massive Emotions

Let it go, receive my kiss

Vacuum space of eternal bliss


Compassion,  loving kindness, gently

Compassion, spreading magic deep within

Compassion, It’s given to you freely

Compassion, opens your cage and set you free

universal mother (red).jpg

Melt the shame, your secrets are safe with me

Easy to give up but never too late

to love yourself and just create


Peace and happiness, let it come to us

And carry us, let the ashes glow and go

Let it go with the flow


I’ll never judge you

I will stand by you

hate me, reject me, mock me,

I will love you


Unafraid to die

I will take you high (to the)

Healing power with no goal

Simple peace will flood your soul


Compassion FEAT.gif
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