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11 - We will make our own joy

I’m coming out of the fire baby

full of light in my brain

I ain’t got nothing to loose,


Diving deep, free of shame

I broke the code, I’m out of the game

I’ve got the freedom to choose


A golden frame of mistakes

Spiritual nice chocolate cakes

I learned my lessons in the Blues


and the dream must go on

but the dreamer is gone

won’t you come and sing with me,



Yess we will, We will make our own joy



Loving space Full of grace

shunks of truth in my face

no more cycle of abuse


All the time is stripped away

Cosmic dance on its way

I drunk at the fountain of youth


Come to me a little closer

feel my vibe little sister

Beautiful is what you are

Come with me to the real world

fly with me you’re my brother

Multiply on a velvet sky




Yess we will, We will make our own joy

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