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06 - Turn your tv off
HECTOR TODO - evolution de l'espace.jpg

The Hope is gone,

space is full of darkness all around            Cloudy faces, sadness, no playground     They told me that I’m going down                                           

Virtual Gold, in a pixel world

I’ve been controlled, and I like it baby

Black butterflies, covering the skies

I got poison in my mind                                                      

Get up and just do it                                                        

Turn your TV off, Get out off this hole

Turn your TV off, Open up your soul                                                              

Fear everyone,

feed the Gossip and the Shitty talk

Smiling hard despite all confusion

Consuming blood in a cup of illusions


I hear the call at the shopping mall

I Swallow this drug and buy a gun

I need this sweet sugar on my meat

I’ve been abused and I like it baby

I need a drink to sink this ship

And it’s all in my mind

Composed, Produced, Arranged, performed AND MIXED by


Additional keyboards = Vincent Guibert

Horns= Franck Nicolas & Eddy Delomenie

Back Up vocals = Tanya Michelle Smith ; Opé Smith ; Alan OZ ; Elisa Pallazzi ; Jessica Flores

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