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03 - Push the time

Composed, Produced, Arranged,  mixed and performed by


Additional Guitars =Stephane Bertin

Drums =Felix Sabal Lecco

Percussion:Phillip Nary

Flamenco Guitars =Sandra Derlon

Darbuka=Anthony Giannotta

Back Up vocals =Tanya Michelle Smith; Op Smith; Alan OZ

Mixed byDavid Felgeirollesat FUTURE PARADISE

I can see you're running in the city

something's wrong, Baby you can't be satisfied

There is something about you, I can see it

you don't feel so good, too many things to hide


Oh come with me, just follow my steps

Get ready for a change

Oh come to me, we'll be born again

it will never be the same


Don't you think it's time now

Don't you wanna fly

Gonna give you a sign, push the time

Don't you think it's time Now

come on baby free your mind

You got to use  your power now, Push the time


I can see you're sweating on the dance floor

Trying hard to forget about reality

and your friends wanna speak to you more and more

But when you talk, it seems like they're not listening


Come on and touch this special place in me

It was meant for all of us

Come to me come and set me free

It will never be the same

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