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02 - The wave is coming
Kati Astraeir- innerstellar- 4 the wave.

Walking down the street I’m just feeling cold

All I want is love to come back to this world

I’ve been this way since I was very young


I split my mind and soul into a cyclone

in search of joy inside a bloody smartphone

it’s stealing my peace, I want to hide and run


The wave is coming , it’s coming to set us free

The wave is coming, we gonna let it be


Change is coming to us like a fireball

I’m waking up in this mess, inside a dying world

It moves so fast, I’ve got to heal and clear my mind


All our blood is coming from a common spring

    All of us, we are the kings and queens

 The veil is gone, lies are melting in the sky


The wave is coming , coming to set us free

The wave is coming, we gonna let it be

Composed, Produced, Arranged, and performed by DOM BRIKI at HYBRIDOCOPE FACTORY

Back Up vocals = Tanya Michelle Smith ; Opé Smith ; Elisa Pallazzi

Additional bass and Guitars = Amen Viana

Drums = Felix Sabal Lecco

Percussions : Phillipe Nalry

Mixed by David Felgeirolles at FUTURE PARADISE

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